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March 19 - April 1, 2007  
  Today is
Nancy and Adam's Hawaiin Honeymoon

Adam and Nancy were married on March 18, 2007. The following day we went to Hawaii for 12 days. This is a basic recap of our vacation.


March 19, 2007: Breakfast buffet at Short Hills Hilton. Arrived at Honolulu airport, transferred to a small bumpy flight to Mauii. Our lugage did not arrive with us, but is expected to come tomorrow.Checked into hotel 10:30pm, that's 4:30am EST.

March 20, 2007: Breakfast at Swan Court, located in the hotel. Enjoyed the buffet. For the first time we heard "Mr. and Mrs. Nichols" from someone who didn't know us. Also, lox on the buffet. Two days in a row! (of course this is Adam narrating. We all know Nancy is not a fan of lox, but Adam can eat it all day).

We took a walk around the property, and took pictures of all the animals. They have penguins, coy, flamingos, swans and what Nancy calls "working birds" --lots of beautiful parrots sitting on perches in the lobby for all to see. Late morning, we finally got our luggage and changed into some clean clothes. Took a swim in the beautiful pool. Nice waterfalls, and little 'cavelike' area to swim.

Late afternoon, we took a walk to Whaler's Village and had dinner at Hula Grill

March 21, 2007: Breakfast at Swan Court again. The other buffet the hotel offers looks good, but the Swan Court has twice as many items, and since both are prepaid, we took the better of the two. We then went on our snorkel trip. A catamaran took us out for an hour to a good snorkel spot. Fun, but threw up on the boat (Adam). Adam will be avoiding boatrides in the future. Nancy will make sure Adam keeps his feet on land, so she never sees the horror she saw on the boat (and all over the side of the boat) again. At night, went to Front Street. Dinner at Bubba Gumps, very very delicious shrimp (Adam). They have signs that say Run Forest Run and Stop Forest Stop when you want your waiter. Walked around the area for a little. Back at the hotel, we took a "Tour of the Stars". We went onto the Hyatt rooftop guided by an astronomer to see stars. They pointed out Venus, and through the scopes we saw the moon, some group of stars, and Saturn.

March 22, 2007: The usual breakfast at Swan Court. (yum)Took a drive NorthWest (Adam has an internal compass..I have no idea where the heck Northwewst is) to drive around the mountain. Extremely windy (note: not windy as in the wind, but WINDY as in holy *&^% Nancy's gonna lose her lunch)roads, which after about 20 miles turned into a single lane road. After a small backup of cars, and since the road was barely wide enough for one car, let alone two, we decided to turn around and not drive on. Note: "turning around" on a windy cliff----not fun. Backing up on a windy cliff---even more not fun. At night, went to Old Lahaina Lauau. The food was good, but the show was a little boring. Endless hulas. We shared a table with a couple married for 32 years. The woman was turning 50 and had 5 grandchildern already.

March 23, 2007: Drove towards the SouthEast (hmmm. who do you think is writing this? Not Nancy...unless she brought her Magellan) The woman at the Expedia desk said it's a nice drive to Wailea. Stopped for Breakfast at a Starbucks in a shopping center. Drove down to Wailia, and stopped at different beaches for pics. Made a pitstop at Wailea beach and sat out for a little bit, and dipped our feet into the ocean. Stopped at an upscale outside shopping mall, and then lunch at Longhis, before we headed back to the hotel. Hopped into the Jacuzzi for a little while, then changed and ready for Dinnner at Cascades, very delicious and filling.

March 24, 2007: Nancy is still stuffed from dinner last night. We took a walk onto Front Street and did some touristy souvenier shopping. Back to the hotel, Adam sat by the pool, while Nancy went for a dip and then sat out with him. Back to Front Street for dinner at the Lahaina Fish Company, which was very good, and a great Magic show called Warren and Annabelles. Warren, the magician/comedian was great. It was a great show to end our last night in Maui with.


March 25, 2007: Breakfast at Son'z, for the last time. Before we left, did some laundry. Drove to the airport in Maui for our flight to The Big Island. Got rental car and drove to Hilton Waikoloa Village. It's a HUGE resort, with a boat or tram that will take you to your tower. We have a view of the ocean, and dolphins in the lagoon. Had dinner in hotel at Kamuela Provision Company; quite pricey, but very good food. We were seated a few feet from the ocean, with a spectacular view of the ocean and sunset. There was an acoustic guitar player, that played throughout dinner, as we watched the sun go down.

March 26, 2007: Booked our Wednesday tour at the travel desk, and headed out for breakfast at the Orchid Cafe. Nancy is stuffed again, but Adam, as usual, has a bottomless stomach. Took a leisurely walk all around the property, and took lots of pictures. We then headed out to the King's Shops where we strolled and shopped for souveniers. Had dinner at the Palm Terrace, which included a seafood buffett, which of course, Adam enjoyed. Nancy is stuffed again, and Adam, yet again, still has room for more food (where does it all go??).



March 27, 2007: We walked around the property and went on the giant water slide at the pool. We then sat out for a while, went to the Kings Shopping Center to shop and wait for our tour bus to arrive and take us on our tour to the top of Mauna Kea--the highest mountain in Hawaii. We started out at a lower elevation to acclimate ourselves to the higher altitude. We also had to wait a while because the road up was closed due to three kids that took a jeep up and went off the mountain (two fatalaties!) We took the road up as the sun was setting and saw all the giant telescopes from all over the world on the summit. It was freezing. They supplied us with parkas and gloves. We then went down to a lower elevation where they set up telescopes and let us look at the stars.


March 28, 2007: Met our tour bus at 6:30 a.m. for our circle -drive of The Big Island. The bus tour was long (12 hours) and drove the entire island perimeter. We made stops at a coffee farm, black sand beach, a volcano park (volcano is still active), a waterfall, and an orchid nursery. Had dinner at Provision Company again. Adam was very excited to have his seafood dinner.


March 29, 2007: Woke up early for our DolphinQuest experience. Went into the lagoon in a group of 5 and got to meet, touch, and learn about the dolphins. Very fun. They took pictures of us with the dolphins as well. Lunch at the Orchid cafe and then went to the Gazebo and waved to the camera for Debbie & Murray. Back to hotel room to pack and check out and off to the airport for our flight to Honolulu. Checked into our hotel and walked around the main avenue browsing all the shops and freaky people on the street. Reminds us of New York: Man playing guitar with scary face and cat, men painted in gold, or bronze who looked like statues. Tons of people on the street. Walked to Nick's Fishmarket and had a truly delicious dinner.


March 30, 2007: Took a shuttle to Pearl Harbor, and toured the Arizona memorial, which was very touching and sad. Then, headed back to hotel, had lunch, walked the strip for some more shopping, and back to our room. At night, had a meal by the pool. A Hawaiin reggae like band performed.


March 31, 2007: Had a nice buffett breakfast and then headed to the pool to relax in the sun. We then packed for our trip home, and checked out, while they held our baggage fro the rest of the day. We took a walk to the Honolulu zoo, and then up and down the main strip. Loaded our luggage, and off to the airport, where we had dinner, and hopped on our flight. The flight was at 9:30 p.m. and arrived 1:10 p.m. New Jersey time. Thankfully, we were both able to sleep on the plane for a few hours. Adam's dad and wife picked us up, and we headed back home. Lots to straighten up with all our wedding stuff still downstairs, and all of our luggage. Unpacked and did some laundry for a few hours, and now we are finally relaxing.

We had a great time!



April 1 , 2007: